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Art, Modernity and Quality

TEFFY is a new brand of accessories from natural silk based in Milan.

TEFFY unites art, modernity and quality. 

The TEFFY concept takes inspiration from the new concept ‘Made in Italy’. It blends authentic high end Italian craftsmanship with international values of trend, style, innovation and visibility.

The brand pays special attention to the quality of accessories, using the best materials and the most up-to-date and at the same time rich in traditions Italian fabrics for production of its items.

"Kaleidoscope" collection represents our first artefact.

Each print of the first collection Kaleidoscope has been carefully designed in the brand’s studio in Milan. Our product derives from a long process of selection of the best white silk. Then, digital printing method was applied to amazingly bright and juicy design prints. The culmination of this process was a special post-processing, which makes the material extremely soft and velvety and, moreover, allows to keep its colors for a long time. 

Designed for the modern women’s contemporary lifestyle, convey youthfulness through innovative luxury materials and techniques.

 We want to offer to women stylish accessories from Italy and still be different from all the rest. 

Also in TEFFY we really appreciate the individuality and personalisation - that’s why our collection is limited edition. 


Artistic Chic with Italian Quality

Black moon_Teffy

We found a way to create scarves that we want to wear every day, day by day.

Our products are not only full of artistical beauty, but also made 100% of natural SILK!

Do you know the properties of SILK?

Silk fabrication begins with cocoons not loosened by the butterfly's spout.

They are literally "unrolled" to retrieve the silk threads. Just think that each wire has a length ranging from 350 meters to about a mile! Silk is distinguished by the following properties:

  • Is soft and very pleasant to the touch
  • Minimal thickness that gives it lightness and comfort
  • Resistance to deformation
  • Good insulation, warm in winter and cool in summer Is the most robust natural fiber you know
  • Brilliance, gloss
  • Is the most suitable for the skin, because it has the same PH and therefore respects physiology.

Just on this last point I would like to dwell on: Silk is extraordinarily similar to our skin. Being composed of the same amino acids that form the most superficial layer of the skin, it is able to protect the skin when it is altered, favoring its balance and functions. For sensitive skin or allergies is often the only valid solution. It is soft and does not irritate sensitive skin. The long, perfectly smooth wire avoids frictions and irritations, making a beneficial micro-massage of the skin.