Kaleidoscope - Magic, charming, fascinating


Hello Dears!

This first post is dedicated to "KALEIDOSCOPE", that is the name we chose for our first collection.

Who haven't ever received this toy during the childhood?

The Kaleidoscope is a "magical" instrument that lets you see the life in another manner, full of colours and geometries. It is enough one movement to have a fascinating and enchanting view.

The Kaleidoscope lets your imagination run wild. Like the life, every moment has to be kept with its beauty, you would not know what will happen if you do not make any action.  If the moment passed by, you can see the new pattern and of course if you don't like... just roll the Kaleidoscope.

Hoping that our scarves can follow you during your special and charming moments. Bring a fashionable piece of magic with you, always!